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Dr Katie Slocombe from the university's department of psychology explains: "This high-pitched rhythmic speech is common in human interactions with dogs in western cultures, but there isn't a great deal free chat line in warrenton about whether it benefits a dog.

The researchers could start looking into whether puppies demonstrate similar preferences, however there are no plans to carry out the same tests with cats. When the different types of speech were mixed up dogs did not show a preference for either speaker.

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More on this story. Researchers then monitored which speaker the dogs responded to and wanted to interact with. Using "dog-speak" is important in building a bond between a dog and their owner, scientists from the University of York have found.

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It led student Alex Benjamin to conclude: "This suggests that adult dogs need to hear dog-relevant words spoken in a high-pitched emotional voice in order to find it relevant. During the tests, phrases such free girl talk "you're a good dog!

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PhD student Alex Benjamin said it seemed dogs were more likely to favour the speaker who used a high pitch. Dogs can bond like babies 'Dogs mirror owners' personalities' Free sex chat couples gives lamb the 'lick of life'.

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Live stranger chat a series of tests, dogs were spoken to in a high-pitched voice and again in a normal adult voice. Published 3 March Published 9 February The speakers then mixed "dog-directed" speech with non-dog-related words, and normal speech with dog-related words.

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The researchers wanted to test whether speaking to dogs in "dog-directed" speech was useful to the animals, or whether humans did this simply because they view pets in the same way as babies. Next, another person would talk to the animal in a normal voice about non-dog-related content, for adult sex chat geraldton "I went to the cinema last night.

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Who's a good boy then? The scientists found dogs were more likely to want to spend time with the speaker who had used both "dog-directed" speech and dog-related content.

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Researchers measured both the attentiveness of the dog while the speaker was talking, and whom adult chat room kroktrask dog wanted to interact with once the speaker had finished. Dog gives lamb the 'lick of life'. Baby talk.

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